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How Basis Bioscience helps you

Basis frees you to focus on your science while having an experienced professional develop and execute a strategy to organize, plot, and help you analyze the results. Basis works with you to understand and refine your objectives and hypotheses and translate these into an integrated, cohesive informatics and data analysis plan that is aligned with your goals. By listening to you to thoroughly understand your therapeutic, biomarker and platform objectives, Basis provides personalized, collaborative and thoughtful support for your projects' needs. We work together in a quick turnaround, iterative style to address your pressing problems so you can focus on your science. Basis Bioscience is your trusted partner in formulating and implementing your informatics, analysis, and visualization strategies.

Bioinformatics and computational biology

From RNA expression to protein function, measuring the biological states of specimens provides information that yields hypotheses to test, informs on mechanism of action, and helps select patient populations. Whether you are generating data in house or capitalizing on data from outside resources (e.g., Genome Data Commons (TCGA), Gene Expression Omnibus, or others) Basis has expertise to identify and access the data, analyze it, and help you understand and develop paths forward using the results.

Molecular modeling and visualization

Understanding the relationships between chemical structure in two and three dimensions and the biological activity and properties of your compounds enables informed decisions on hit or lead selection and optimization. Basis can apply cheminformatics, computational chemistry, and molecular modeling and visualization methods to help you identify important pharmacophore and structural features of your chemical series and how these relate to activity.

Insights from data

Gain insight and advance your technology and programs by finding significant associations and correlations in and across your data sets. Basis utilizes standard, well-understood informatics and statistical methods to identify promising aspects of your data, then helps determine whether the results are significant and can support further study. In short, are they "real"?

Data visualization

Compelling, complex visuals are often needed to communicate significant findings both internally and to key opinion leaders and collaborators. This is particularly important when you have a novel technology or biological hypothesis. Basis helps you engage your internal and external stakeholders by creating understandable and attractive plots of your data.

Data management and informatics

Solid informatics practices form the basis of your data analysis strategy. Laying the foundation for registering, annotating and integrating your chemical and biological experimental data enables finding and analyzing relevant data quickly and correctly. This frees you to concentrate on finding the insights and value from your experiments. Basis works with you to create and execute a plan for gathering, managing, and curating your data.

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